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Is My Child A Fire-Setter? How Would I Know!?

What sparks the motivation of a child fire-setter? The nature and meaning of children’s involvement with fire is strongly related to their level of cognitive development. Preschool children have limit...Read More

Fire Prevention Week to Halloween 2017 — and every day in between

It is Halloween 2017 so for you will it be BOO or BOO HOO!? Yes it is the time of year, Halloween 2017,  when the evil of witches and goblins surface from dust bunnies in our home closets and light up...Read More

Firefighters Paving the Pub Ed Highway

Circumstances are changing with the fire service and new teaching resources make it easy for firefighters paving the pub ed highway! Firefighters paving the pub ed highway require proper training to t...Read More

The Critical Difference In Messaging — What is PR, Pub Ed, and….

There are Major Differences to note Between True Public Education, Public Information Sharing and Public Relations. Before we can understand true public education, and properly educate, we need to loo...Read More

Public Sector Lacks Critical Competencies — Turns to Social Business Models

Social Entrepreneurs partner with fire services to propose sustainable social business models to solve rapidly increasing fire safety problems. Fire is crucial to the development of human society, and...Read More

Being a Social Entrepreneur in a Fire and Life Safety Educator’s Space

Social entrepreneurship is a relatively new title for our Fire-ED Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder Tracy Last As a daughter of an entrepreneur father I grew up with a sell sell sell motto like da...Read More

Fire and Life Safety Education Needs Unique Champions (Like Firefox Fire Solutions)

Firefox Fire Solutions is a unique fire and life safety education champion Wayne Wald, President at Firefox Fire Solutions, Inc., is not a fire and life safety educator; he’s an entrepreneur, ma...Read More

Outsourcing Fire and Life Safety Education: A New Paradigm to Save Lives

All would agree that nobody should die from a preventable fire, yes? Especially children? Good. Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about fire and life safety education and those ongoing pr...Read More

Firefighters Take The “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool For A Burn

Firefighters make good public fire and life safety educators Public education is a job made easy with teaching tools kids love and respond well to. Firefighters do make good public fire life safety ed...Read More

Training Firefighters Social Entrepreneurs for Prevention

In North America hundreds of people die in preventable house fires every year. Diminishing fire dept budgets affect public education programs causing a “fire problem”. Tune in for universa...Read More

We Need Real-Time Public Education

Fire and life safety education saved this family – knowledge not technology. There was a fire on January 18, 2016 in Blue Mountains, Ontario, it was in an 80-year old farmhouse. Thirteen people ...Read More

Since when is leadership just about a title, or a designation, what about the rest?

There are certain beliefs I see as “pillars of understanding” such as fundamentals we all act upon based on our own experiences. “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about imp...Read More

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