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Making 2018 the year to change fire safety education paradigms

How about making 2018 the year to change fire safety education paradigms? With another National Fire Prevention Week coming up next month what does your local fire department have planned again for co...Read More

Oh The Stuff We Were Never Taught in Fire Safety

Fire Safety – What Do You Know? At community events that some of us have attended (you have right!?) well the fire prevention teams capture our attention with a lot of interesting life safety to...Read More

Do we — or Should we Teach Preschoolers Fire Safety

If we are not teaching preschoolers fire safety then sadly we are failing in the world of starting them young to prevent! Young children can understand “Stop” or “No”, but they cannot understand “Do n...Read More

Engaging Firefighters in Community Risk Reduction

The general goal of any fire prevention organization is to prevent the loss of life and property damage due to fire. Engaging firefighters in community risk reduction efforts is an effective measure t...Read More

As House Fires Increase During Cold Weather Months

As weather and human activities change with the seasons of the year, so does the incidence, cause and severity of fires during the cold weather months. Cold winter weather increases indoor activities ...Read More

Powerline Safety Education | SNAP CRACKLE POP call 911

Fire safety begins at home and a good home fire safety program includes powerline education for the family. A real danger exists behind live wire snap, crackle and popping sounds and it is the silent ...Read More

Are Current Fire Prevention and Education Models Failing Us?

Fire prevention is not a rocket science. The challenge the fire service faces is its implementation. Fire prevention implementation failure, and the lack of sustainable solutions, could be a leading c...Read More

Did 12 Die in NYC to Teach Others, or Suffer on Deaf Ears!

Sadly we close out 2017 with 2281 home fire fatalities in the USA alone. A total of 12 innocent folks, including 4 children, tragically perished in a fire in NYC on December 29. For those in fire prev...Read More

Be a Chief Motivator (Patron) for Fire-ED

People have motivated me over the years to stay true to my mission for revolutionizing the way fire and life safety education is taught worldwide. It amazes me as more and more people respond to my ca...Read More

Sharing Safety Education with Media — Why is it so crucial?

As an owner of a public relations firm, I’ve made a career as a storyteller. I know that being remembered for your story is a very important goal to achieve, particularly for anyone with educati...Read More

Fire Prevention Week to Halloween 2017 — and every day in between

  It is Halloween 2017 so for you will it be BOO or BOO HOO!? Yes it is the time of year, Halloween 2017,  when the evil of witches and goblins surface from dust bunnies in our home closets and l...Read More

Firefighters Paving the Pub Ed Highway

Circumstances are changing with the fire service and new teaching resources make it easy for firefighters paving the pub ed highway! Firefighters paving the pub ed highway require proper training to t...Read More