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People have motivated me over the years to stay true to my mission for revolutionizing the way fire and life safety education is taught worldwide. It amazes me as more and more people respond to my campaigns. The saying; “help make the world a better place” or “it only takes one voice” is not as cliche as it once seemed before I embarked on this social change venture. 

My name is Tracy Last, I am the Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of the Fire-ED Interactive Community for Eliminating Preventable Fires. I am also the creator of the Teaching Tool featured in this YouTube video. This is the cornerstone of the Fire-ED Interactive System that helps kids learn how NOT to become victims of fire.

Tracy Last Chief Motivator Patron

Every year young children, most often under the age of 10, are involved in fire play. The results are tragic and stats are not improving. More and more, fire departments are lacking access to adequate funding, manpower, resources and the time it takes to deliver quality fire and life safety education programs on a regular basis. But we can help.

You can help too as a Patron for Fire-ED. Possibly more than you’ll ever know, your input and presence is crucial to the success of this social change venture. Patreon is ongoing crowdfunding for creators (like me) and even the smallest financial contributions helps keep innovation alive in the world of fire and life safety education.

The Fire-ED Interactive System has potential to save lives, including firefighters, who are at risk every time they respond to fires, especially involving people who’ve not yet made it safely outside of their homes. 

Over Christmas I became inspired to create a Fire-ED Interactive Patreon page. When you look to the left you’ll see a couple of the many goals I have set out to achieve. On the right side, look over at the Rewards. If you select a dollar amount to contribute, like $1, $5, $10 or $25 per month, you’ll be rewarded with educational or inspirational content, free access to our exclusive social networks, cool swag and courses.

With Patreon you may also select a one time contribution. Every bit helps to keep myself and team creating more awesome fire and life safety education content.

Thank you very much for reading this and checking us out at Patreon! And if you are not ready to become a contributor, please consider subscribing to our free community newsfeed to receive occasional emails on the Fire-ED Interactive Community at work.

Be safe and have fun,

Tracy Last, Chief Inspiration Officer

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I've been an entrepreneur my whole adult life, starting out providing educational materials for prevention programs. Now, I am a Social Entrepreneur, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Fire-ED Interactive Community For Eliminating Preventable Fires. Having worked closely with many fire and life safety educators in my 25 year career I became peculiar passionate of the role they play as teachers of prevention education. This education, while critical, is not being taught in schools or most homes. With fire dept budgets cuts it's always public education first to go. This poses a risk to public safety therefore it is important to step up as a community to improve and continue these programs.

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