Coroner’s Inquest into Fire Deaths (BC and ON) — Resolution to Recommendations

In an effort to strengthen its alliance, and reduce fire related childhood deaths and injury across North America, the Fire-ED Interactive Community welcomes organizations and individuals to join its Task Force of subject matter experts, and concerned citizens, helping to revolutionize the way prevention education is delivered to communities.

The Fire-ED Interactive Community for Eliminating Preventable Fires has the readily available training, teaching tools and new technology to satisfy fire prevention education requirements and the following initiatives:

At Fire-ED we are all for a little less talk and a lot more action and have a great support network to take prevention education to great new heights. Your effort to introduce the “Fully Involved” Fire-ED Teaching Tool to your community will enable children the opportunity to grow to their full life potential while youth of all ages, and adults, learn by teaching through The Fire-ED Interactive System.

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I've been an entrepreneur my whole adult life, starting out providing educational materials for prevention programs. Recently I discovered I am in fact a "Social Entrepreneur". I am the Founder and CEO at FireED Interactive Community Inc. Having observed closely the work of fire and life safety educators in my 25 year career, I developed a peculiar passion for the role they play as teachers of prevention education. To me this form of prevention education is mission critical. It is not being taught properly in schools or at home. Education is the first budget to get cut for most fire departments. And this is poses a risk to public safety therefore it is important to step up as a community to improve and continue these important life saving programs.

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