We all could use a push in the right direction and who doesn’t have a million questions starting out? We totally get that at Fire-ED Interactive. Shoot us a quick email or phone a Fire-ED Adviser, or click the blue chat icon with our logo on the bottom right of each page to catch a live person for questions to be answered in real time. Our FAQ page is just starting to paint the picture of our Fire-ED Interactive Mission and hopes to inspire you enough to join the movement!

General FAQs

How did Fire-ED even begin?

Fire-ED was developed when our founder Tracy Last starting asking loads of questions to fire and life safety educators she worked closely with as a supplier of for many years. Fire-ED was developed with proceeds from sales of the promotional products and educational materials that fire departments purchased through the Fire-ED parent company Last Logos Promos. In those years of close observation Tracy and her team discovered the educational programs most fire departments had were more akin to public relations and information sharing with no true curriculum for educating children and families.

How does Fire-ED work?

The Fire-ED Interactive System is the center of our universe as it encompasses the required set of physical goods and resources to start a Fire-ED Interactive Community. In the system there are 3 parts; 1. Training 2. Teaching Tool 3. Technology which are further described in the link provided above.

Fire-ED looks like a fire department program, so how does that include me?

Fire prevention is everyone’s business! People learn to play tennis, ride bikes, drive cars, etc, but so many do not learn how to keep themselves and their families safe from the devastating impact that fire can have on them. We tend to think fire will happen to someone else, or that the fire department will be there to rescue us all if there is a fire. But this is not always the reality, it is behavior learned from watching heroic rescues on television. When fire strikes we have less than 3 minutes to get ourselves and our family outside. Fire moves fast but very often smoke kills us before fire even reaches us.

We wait for the fire department to educate us because traditionally that is their job and this is what we see or remember being taught in elementary school. But in reality the fire department is very limited in its outreach efforts. Read this Press Release on how one business is hosting a Fire-ED Discovery Event for even fire chiefs to attend and learn how to advance their public education profiles.

Fire-ED offers the opportunity for everyday citizens to take our training to become Community Safety facilitators and make it their business to eliminate preventable fires!

Fire-ED is a business opportunity for anyone? How So?

If you, or someone you know, has the desire to network and passion for community safety then take a look at becoming a Friend of Fire-ED or Jump right to the Key To Community Membership and be a voice of social change for introducing Fire-ED to your local fire department and service groups who are always looking for community based programs.

Stand up for fire safe communities by bringing the Fire-ED Interactive System to schools to teach kids after school is out. We have the tools for teaching kids, individuals and families the basic fire and life safety skills that are not being taught at school or in most homes. Take a look at our membership levels and become involved to help us with this grass roots movement here at Fire-ED.

The Community Safety Facilitator Membership is the one to look at for those inspired enough to get make eliminating preventable fires their business. Fire-ED is the brainchild of over two decades research and development and is a turn key solution for those ready to learn how to make a dollar and a difference in the way kids learn critical life skills needed to grow up as responsible fire safe adults.

There is a business model that we share with only those who become free subscribers. There is a learning curve. We have found that just throwing the pricing and information out there for people to digest is not helping them understand the grassroots movement we are forming here for all to be a part of.

Still reluctant? To learn more SUBSCRIBE and take your time getting to know us, you will get a FREE online course called Fire-ED 101 ~ A Crash Course On Why Fire Safety Mattters!


I think our fire department already has teaching tools, why is Fire-ED unique?

Unless your fire department has the Fire-ED “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool we can venture to guess the tools they have for teaching are things like videos, story books, colouring books and PDF activity pages, or events with mascots, obstacle courses and equipment demonstrations.

Fire-ED is unique, we are the designers, developers and creators of it. We wish there was something out there that was already made but we searched the world high and low and could not find it. Therefore we invested personally the time and money needed to create the tool.

Fire-ED seems expensive, is there a shortcut we can take to teach the kids?

There is an incredible expense and undertaking to develop programs that are proven to leave a lasting impact. Fire-ED has the technology for testing kids comprehension levels so we know they are not just being run through the gamut and being left making us believe they have gained and retained the knowledge.

At Fire-ED we want to prove the learning outcomes. Kid’s lives matter too much. To that end, we take no shortcuts.

If I buy the Fire-ED Interactive System what's my ROI?

If you are an individual wanting to form and Fire-ED Interactive Community and make it your “business” to eliminate preventable fires then you need to buy the Fire-ED Interactive System as a one time investment that brings years of ROI.

When you join the movement and build your own Fire-ED Interactive Community you will get the online training curriculum (Community Safety Facilitator Course) that teaches you to use the Fire-ED “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool and also use the Fire-ED Interactive Portal and system management tools to do your job well.

You have invested into somewhat of a franchise model, a turn key solution, that gets you out the gate and facilitating Fire-ED Home Safety Ambassador courses. You deserve to be paid for this service, yes? We provide the payment gateway to take course registrations and pay you through this process.

Fire Departments do not charge for services like public education so we have a different business model for in this capacity and will be preparing information packets, meanwhile use our Contact Us form if you are a fire department serious about becoming involved as a Fire-ED Interactive Community.


Why do I have to pay to become a Fire-ED member?

We make this a membership based opportunity because we feel that there is such a wealth of knowledge to be gained. It is important our Fire-ED Community is highly knowledgeable and fully trained. We do not offer one and done lessons because we have built Fire-ED as a socially responsible brand that is always evolving. Our system tools must be used, we have structured this as an incredibly interactive model with value to reflect the cost investment.

Is my local fire department a member too?

Not unless your local fire department has bought into the idea that Fire-ED is needed. Not all fire departments know about Fire-ED and how it is designed to compliment their existing programs. As a Friend of Fire-ED this is your role to be a voice of social change for eliminating preventable fires in your community. No one wants to see a house in their city burn down or a child become injured.

Even if you do not become a Community Safety Facilitator you can still be a member and part of the Fire-ED Community. Be the one to introduce Fire-ED to your local fire department. It is our full intention to all work together in the endeavor to eliminate preventable fires.

As a community we are saying this is our business to see all kids get a fighting chance to live to their full live’s potential with Fire-ED and we look for all the support we can get to achieve our goals and mission to save lives.

Can a business or service group be a Fire-ED Interactive Member?

We totally encourage businesses to become involved. Many businesses already have corporate social responsibility programs set and are actively looking for ways to become involved with community. Especially community safety! Millions of dollars per year are spent by local businesses to improve the well-being of the people in the communities who spend dollars at their establishments.

Today most people, especially millennials, like to spend their money with businesses that have a heart for community giving. Social entrepreneurship and good corporate citizenship is key at Fire-ED. We leave a positive impact on society with our mission and as a socially responsible business it is OK to make a dollar and a difference.

Check out this article from our Fire-ED Senior Global Advisor Ales Jug: Public Sector Lacks Critical Competencies — Turns to Social Business Models. It describes how Social Entrepreneurs partner with fire services to propose sustainable social business models to solve rapidly increasing fire safety problems.


We talk about social entrepreneurship, what is it?

A social entrepreneur is a person who creates a profit and purpose driven organization in which the business and social missions run in tandem. Our social mission, therefore, becomes a key component of our marketing, branding and success metrics.

How am I a social entrepreneur through Fire-ED?

As a Friend of Fire-ED or a Community Safety Facilitator you’re helping build a movement that is transforming the way fire prevention education is taught. You are literally helping us, as a social business venture, do good by saving more kids’ lives.

As a social entrepreneur you know that to fulfill our mission we have to create a sustainable movement. One that brings in the dollars it needs to develop our programs and make a difference in the lives of the people in our own communities where we live and work.

How can I help bring Fire-ED to my community?

First you will need to become a member. There is a fee for that, for roughly $10.00 per month you gain your Key To Community membership and can start a group and forum to collaborate with Fire-ED Advisers and then start your own teams by inviting others to join the Fire-ED Movement for Eliminating Preventable Fires. You learn and teach and grow your own Fire-ED Interactive Community! It become a career path fore those who want to take it to the next level as a Fire-ED Community Safety Facilitator.

Even without a paid membership you can comment on posts in our blog. You can subscribe for free and receive the Free Fire-ED 101 Crash Course on Why Fire Safety Matters. You will receive our helpful emails to take your time and learn more before coming aboard in a bigger way.

In short, if you’ll get involved with the content and people here at Fire-ED, we’ll get you the tools you need to start your own Fire-ED Interactive Community.

How did the Fire-ED social venture concept arise?

Our Fire-ED Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Tracy Last, got into the business as an entrepreneur following in her father’s footsteps. As a teenager Tracy was surrounded by Smokey Bear educational materials that her father, a licensee, sold to forestry agencies across Canada. She learned the trade “by osmosis” and enjoyed the role of CQC (Chief of Quality Control) testing the quality of the pencils and erasers and selecting the prettiest balloons. Soon Tracy advanced to designing coloring books or anything her forest protection clients would ask to have created to help get the message across. Fast forward a few years when Tracy started raising a family of her own. The family entrepreneurial tradition continued as her 2 boys took quality control roles and so much more. In 1998 Tracy branched off with her own company and obtained the Canadian License with the NFPA for creating and distributing Sparky the Fire Dog products. In 2005 that license was revoked and awarded to the Ontario fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council’s Distribution Center and at that time all of the family’s years of work came to a sudden halt. During Tracy’s recovery years, 2005 to date, she developed a strong desire and passion for fixing what she views (as do many others) as “the fire problem”. The millions of dollars that is being spent on balloons, pencils and plastic fire hats could be put towards educational curriculum but it isn’t happening, this is not educational as much as it is informative (as we write about in a blog). So for 12 years Tracy dabbled in various projects and sold uniforms and other products to stay engaged in the market. While maintaining the public education focus, Tracy with her philanthropic heart, would reinvest most of her sales proceeds towards developing the Fire-ED Interactive System and curriculum that is now said to be revolutionizing the way fire and life safety education is being taught worldwide. Selling uniform and other wares started to take a backseat and this brought into question Tracy’s own interests as a traditional entrepreneur which is sales and commission or salary driven for the most part. To that end, Tracy started to discover her mission to provide a solution to a problem that leaves a positive impact on society is in deep in the realm of social entrepreneurship and so it begins.

Watch our Fire-ED News link for more stories on what drives our passion.

Last Logos Staff Circa 2004 as the NFPA Sparky The Fire Dog Licensee for Canada.

Some of the Last Logos Staff and Family – NFPA Sparky The Fire Dog Licensee for Canada – Circa 2004.