Eliminate Preventable Fires In Your Community With The Fire-ED Interactive System!

Fire-ED raises awareness to the devastating
impact of fire. It teaches adults to live safely
and help kids achieve the same positive results.

Fire-ED Is Revolutionizing The Way Fire & Life Safety Education Is Being Taught Around The World!

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We believe the key to fostering a strong sense of community safety is through the Fire-ED Interactive System. With the proper training, teaching tools, and technology to do the job right, we all can live more safely and play a role in helping others achieve the same positive results.

Courses for Adults (Age 18+)
The Fire-ED Community Safety Facilitator (CSF) Curriculum explains the critical need for fire and life safety education and the role the CSF will play in helping to eliminate preventable fires. Students will gain the required skills to use the Fire-ED "Fully Involved" Teaching Tool, and the Fire-ED Technology, to effectively deliver prevention education in your community.
Courses for Kids (age 5-17)
The safety and comfort of home is a feeling that lives in all of us, but in our safe place a real danger lurks upon us, that is the threat of fire - it is real and it exists. The Home Safety Ambassador course provides an exclusive interactive learning opportunity for kids and youth to gain critical fire and life safety skills that aren't taught at school or in most homes.


Professional Fire & Life Safety Educators are highly trained fire department staff who teach fire safety to kids through to adults. However in most communities, even where public educators exist, there can never be enough "prevention education". The Fire-ED Community Safety Facilitator is first trained to live more safety so they can then help kids in their community achieve the same positive results. The CSF works hand in hand with fire departments to ensure all children get the chance to gain life safety skills that are not taught at school or in most homes.


The cornerstone of Fire-ED is the "Fully Involved" Teaching Tool originated in 2011 when a our now Fire-ED Chief Inspiration Officer was working closely with professional fire and life safety educators to help understand their teaching challenges. One educator in particular had an idea to package her existing, very large scale, teaching system in a way that could be transported to schools. Fire-ED meets the critical need as an affordable interactive teaching tool that can be used in a  variety of settings.


The Fire-ED Interactive System comes complete with expert training, affordable teaching tools and cutting edge technology that revolutionizes the way fire and life safety education is taught around the world! How So? Fire-ED trains people to be highly skilled Community Safety Facilitators who will gain access to online registration and classroom management tools, online quizzes. record keeping and communication portals. The Key to Community is Fire-ED!

Get The Fire-ED "Fully Involved" Teaching Tool

The Fire-ED Teaching Tool is the cornerstone for delivering highly engaging and interactive life safety lessons that are fun and memorable for everyone.

Get Trained As A Community Safety Facilitator

The Community Safety Facilitator is required to complete comprehensive online training, and pass with 80%, before they become certified to teach Fire-ED courses.

Set Up Interactive Learning Events

Collaborate with other Facilitators through the Fire-ED Portal. Become pro at booking learning events with the Classroom Management and Registrations tool.

Ready To Eliminate Preventable Fires In Your Community?