Firefighters Take The “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool For A Burn

Firefighters make good public fire and life safety educators

Firefighters Fire-ED Kids WorkshopPublic education is a job made easy with teaching tools kids love and respond well to. Firefighters do make good public fire life safety educators when they have good resources and the “Fully Involved” Fire-ED Teaching Tool has been on the wish list in this Vancouver lower mainland community since the day the firefighters trialed it.

The presentation impressed everyone in the room that day, including the Fire Chief of this department. The Chief said this teaching tool was very convenient and his firefighters agreed. They said they’ve never seen such a great resource as this before. It is now their hope to soon purchase one for the department and the mission to raise the funding has begun.

Community Direct Teaching Model Reaches More People

Teaching kids at a young age increases the likelihood of developing life long skills needed to become responsible teens and adults. The beauty of this particular program is it is designed for all ages to participate. It is a Direct Teaching Model for educating more people, more often, for less money than traditional systems. What we mean by this is junior high school and senior high school students can become involved as helpers to the firefighters and learn safety skills themselves. This is very appealing as these age groups are very hard to reach otherwise. And once they are cooking at home, gone off to college or moving out on their own this becomes a missed demographic.

TESTIMONIAL “Teaching tools should be engaging, interactive, educational, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It’s a bonus for a program to be applicable to all ages, can be used in a variety of settings and easily presented by firefighters, prevention personnel or teachers. When I find a tool that meets all this criteria, then price becomes secondary. The “Fully Involved” Fire-ED Teaching Tool certainly meets my expectations and can be used by firefighters to take to the schools and use as part of their teaching practicums. Justifying the purchase of this resource is easy, whether it’s to your Fire Chief, community partners, or private funding agencies.” Rita Paine

A Key to Community

This is far more than just a kit of well designed colorful teaching aids. The key to community is the “Direct Teaching Model” that any service group, school, scouting or girl guide club, library, or recreation center can use. This proprietary teaching model allows the fire service to offer support on an “as needed” basis. When the fire department buys this resource they can expand their public educator “teaching cadre” by allowing trained “Community Safety Facilitators” to access the resource and teach it in after school programs and day camps etc. This tool could and should be out in the community 24/7/365.

More Prevention, to More People, For Less Money?

It is a requirement of the fire service, to bring prevention education to community but in far too many Canadian and USA communities the public is not receiving the education. Fire-ED meets and exceeds the critical need as stressed in the recent BC and Ontario Coroner’s Recommendations to improve such programming. Fire-ED is more than a resource, it is a complete community involvement strategy, one that is fully capable of being set up as completely stand alone to the fire service programs.

Modern Day Solutions for Today’s Public Educators

Firefights Fire-ED Kids WorkshopThis Fully Involved Fire-ED Teaching Tool presentation successfully demonstrated to firefighters how the visual aids in the kit help make the station tours more engaging and rewarding for children. Most importantly, all of the young participants leave with newly developed fire and life safety skills to share with the family. Furthermore, what’s yet to be revealed, is the program’s technology capability that enables facilitators to provide testing and track and submit the results (stats) to provincial and national databases.

Traditionally fire station tours consist of equipment and turnout gear demonstrations alongside children being to sit in the fire trucks. Often times props are used, like a sign with a graphic of matches and lighters and if time permits children might be shown a video or be read a story book. Occasional open houses are hosted to attract large crowds. You will find face painting stations, mascots walking about, and other fun, but not necessarily educational, “measurable” activities. Fire-ED is the scaleable solution that is still entertaining but with a lasting impact proven by the testing component that measures comprehension of the safety lessons delivered through this incredible resource. 

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I've been an entrepreneur my whole adult life, starting out providing educational materials for prevention programs. Recently I discovered I am in fact a "Social Entrepreneur". I am the Founder and CEO at FireED Interactive Community Inc. Having observed closely the work of fire and life safety educators in my 25 year career, I developed a peculiar passion for the role they play as teachers of prevention education. To me this form of prevention education is mission critical. It is not being taught properly in schools or at home. Education is the first budget to get cut for most fire departments. And this is poses a risk to public safety therefore it is important to step up as a community to improve and continue these important life saving programs.

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