The Fully Involved Teaching Tool

It all started as a stand alone teaching tool, for helping fire and life safety educators get their prevention messages to children. Soon the Home Safe Fire Escape Teaching System added lesson plans for helping educators deliver critical fire and life safety skills to all ages. Next the Fire-ED Interactive System was created to encompass a vast array of training and technology, and of course the original teachng tool that so many kids have grown to love, live and learn by. See what's new at

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I've been an entrepreneur my whole adult life, starting out providing educational materials for prevention programs. Now, I am a Social Entrepreneur, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Fire-ED Interactive Community For Eliminating Preventable Fires. Having worked closely with many fire and life safety educators in my 25 year career I became peculiar passionate of the role they play as teachers of prevention education. This education, while critical, is not being taught in schools or most homes. With fire dept budgets cuts it's always public education first to go. This poses a risk to public safety therefore it is important to step up as a community to improve and continue these programs.

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