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    Tracy Last As a busy young entrepreneur mom, selling "educational materials" to fire prevention officers across the land, I never heard the dreadful stories of the negative impact of preventable fires. I had a natural curiosity for how the materials would be used though the harrowing emergency calls and sights the responding crews cannot unsee are not shared publicly. Fire always happens to other people, we hear it in the news, but not our town, or to someone we know. Until that fateful day when a tragic fire did strike our community. The way I viewed my role as a supplier in this industry changed forever after this one event. Two kids were in bed upstairs when an explosion happened in the kitchen, fire quickly consumed the stairway and the kids were screaming for help at their bedroom window. Neighbors watched in shock as the fire quickly ripped through the upstairs. By the time the fire department arrived it was too late to save the children. This local fire department shortly after bought more pencils and plastic fire hats. As a young mom with two small boys I took this to heart. Not wanting to see this happen again I would make countless efforts to reach national and provincial fire service entities (who say it is their job to educate) and discuss finding better ways to serve the public through education. I asked more questions to our fire service customers, and the more I asked, the harder the pushback seemed to be. Just thought I would share that as we all have an ahha moment. I did not see any gore in my life or have even looked at a dead body (not even at a funeral because I sit way at the back). But I, unlike most of the public, am aware that the fire problem is real and exists. Way back when seatbelts were never worn, laws changed as it was social entrepreneurs bringing the topic to the limelight. Community partners (like us at Fire-ED) have the means and desire to serve our communities, so let's embrace the opportunity to work together and bring social change to the ever growing fire problem.
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    Wayne We have a Day Care in Edmonton, Alberta that has invited Firefox Fire Solutions to make our Fire-ED presentation to their age 6 - age 12 kids on July 19. We are excited to about this opportunity. We are inviting the media to be part of this exercise along with a number of FPO's from the area.
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    Duncan Spring is upon us...going to the cottage? Bring fresh batteries for your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Planning for safety eliminates surprises!!! PS Enjoy the cottage!
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