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Outsourcing Fire and Life Safety Education: A New Paradigm to Save Lives

All would agree that nobody should die from a preventable fire, yes? Especially children? Good. Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about fire and life safety education and those ongoing pr...Read More

Firefighters Take The “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool For A Burn

Firefighters make good public fire and life safety educators Public education is a job made easy with teaching tools kids love and respond well to. Firefighters do make good public fire life safety ed...Read More

Training Firefighters as Social Entrepreneurs for Prevention Education

In North America hundreds of people die in preventable house fires every year. Diminishing fire dept budgets affect public education programs causing a "fire problem". Tune in for universal lessons on...Read More

We Need Real-Time Public Education

Fire and life safety education saved this family - knowledge not technology. There was a fire on January 18, 2016 in Blue Mountains, Ontario, it was in an 80-year old farmhouse. Thirteen people (4 adu...Read More

Since when is leadership just about a title, or a designation, what about the rest?

There are certain beliefs I see as “pillars of understanding” such as fundamentals we all act upon based on our own experiences. “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, i...Read More

Coroner’s Inquest into Fire Deaths (BC and ON) — Resolution to Recommendations

In an effort to strengthen its alliance, and reduce fire related childhood deaths and injury across North America, the Fire-ED Interactive Community welcomes organizations and individuals to join its ...Read More

Prevention Education: A Little Less Talk and a lot More Action

Yet another First Nations news story of a tragic and preventable fire that has had a devastating impact on a small community in Canada. Does anyone else see the pattern here or is it just me? After 6 ...Read More

Developing Public Education Programs – Do Something BIG

Let's do something big and think like a business in the business of public education! If we treated public education like a business the fire service would be miles ahead. Businesses stay in business ...Read More

When Our Communities Become Places Of Brokenness

Far too often kids miss out on life's great opportunities, we don’t have the neighborhood fabric like we used to. Children lack strong role models and don’t know how to take care of themselves or each...Read More

Social Entrepreneur Spotlight; Interview Firefighter Father and Son Duo

Firefighter Father and Son Duo Start a Fire Proof Mission to Save Kid's Lives Through Fire-ED... Hey change agents, my name is Joshua Schukman, social entrepreneur coach for Fire-ED Advisers. As a soc...Read More

Fire Marshal WOWS Lions Club Members

Show a great resource to 40 Lions and here's what happens (in Elko Nevada) Joshua Carson, Fire Marshal of Elko City, Nevada, took the Fire-ED "Fully Involved" Teaching Tool "for a burn" this past Apri...Read More