Fully Involved Teaching Tool

Teach Kids How NOT to Become Victims of Fire with the Fire-ED “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool!

The Fully Involved Teaching Tool by Fire-ED Interactive is unlike any other educational safety system on the market. Fire-ED goes over and above by not only providing the facilitator with materials and lessons plans,but by actually offering additional background knowledge and training for any facilitator to confidently teach the lessons. This seamless system eliminates excuses for not providing fire prevention education and is easy to implement in every school and community.

With six ‘life sized’ interactive story boards included, kids naturally take ownership and pride in having dressed the scenes themselves. As a flexible and adjustable system, Fire-ED is suitable for kids aged 3-12 and can be easily taught by daycares, preschools, community centres, libraries, etc. Involve youth aged 13-17 to be helpers and train young adults age 18+ to be Fire-ED Community Safety Facilitators. Even seniors benefit from Fire-ED as it can be tailored to any age group for anyone to enjoy the audio, visual and interactive tactile elements.

Included in every kit:

  • Six 36” x 36” story boards; Living Room,  Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Meeting Place, Fire Station
  • Two firetrucks, 1 large smoke prop, 1 large Fire prop, small flames, electrical currents, X’s, checks
  • 100 cut outs (common home hazards and room décor)
  • Carrying case and shipping box


  • Lesson Plan
  • Training
  • Quizzing
  • Skill Sheets
  • Online Portal
  • Classroom Calendar
  • Learning Management Tool
  • Fire-ED Interactive Webkeys

View this testimonial video (formerly named the Home Safe Teaching System)

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The Fire-ED “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool breathes new life into any fire department’s community risk reduction programs! With its unique audio, visual and interactive tactile elements this remarkable resource engages all age groups and adapts to a variety of learning styles. In an effort to expand community outreach efforts we offer the Fire-ED Community Safety Facilitator Course for high school students to gain critical life safety skills needed as young adults venturing out on their own. These youth may also take the advanced training to facilitate Fire-ED Interactive Learning Events for the fire department.



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