Captain Fast Home Fire Safety Escape PSA

Where there's smoke, there's fire, it will all happen so fast and you will have to move as quickly as possible to escape. These critical tips can save your life! Share this with yo...Read More

The Home Safety Ambassador Course

The Fire-ED Home Safety Ambassador course encompasses a vast array of training, teaching tools and new technology, for young children to grow up as responsible young adults. The li...Read More

Captain Fast Burn Survivor PSA

You never know until you experience it, exactly how hot, how dark, and how suffocating smoke is. Three survivors do not wish this pain on anyone else and share their horrific encou...Read More

Fire Rescue TV Kids Fire and Life Safety Training

The Fire-ED core teaching tools is demo'd here by Martin Grube Producer of Fire Rescue TV. This is being used as a training video for children to watch before starting the fire sta...Read More

The Fully Involved Teaching Tool

It all started as a stand alone teaching tool, for helping fire and life safety educators get their prevention messages to children. Soon the Home Safe Fire Escape Teaching System ...Read More

Still Putting Fire Prevention On The Back Burner? Stop!

Putting fire prevention on the back burner is not what some fire departments mean to do. Budgets are a contributing factor and some programs must be cut. We get that. But the publi...Read More

Halloween Safety Jingle — tsk tsk the risk of fire is near

Ah the thrill and tickety-tock of All Hallows' Eve, with WITCHES, and Rabbits, and the odd Toad, within the city block. That creepy crawly spooky thrill... of getting on a costume,...Read More

Anastasia’s Story; Gasoline, Grads & Bonfires Do Not Mix

Erik Vogel has seen far too many young burn survivors over his 31 years as a professional firefighter and burn camp counselor. In this PSA Anastasia Chapman tells of how her friend...Read More

Home Safety Ambassador Training Video

The Fire-ED “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool meets the critical need for helping to deliver important life saving skills that children need to know in order to NOT become victims of ...Read More

Trish is Tired of Preventable Fires

A little diddy about fire safety from a civilians perspective of wanting to help reduce preventable fire deaths. Join the Movement for making preventable fires a thing of the past ...Read More

Surrey BC 4th Grader Becomes Home Safety Ambassador

Surrey school district 4th grader speaks about her passion for learning fire safety and paying it forward #SD36 #Forthekids

Captain Fast Smoke Inhalation PSA Video

Almost all of fire victims perish from smoke inhalation, 4 maybe 5 breaths can kill you. Sleeping with your bedroom door closed and having a smoke alarm in the bedroom are critical...Read More

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