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Thousands of North Americans die every year in house fires that could have been prevented! Raise awareness to “the fire problem” be a voice and help make sure no more children die in preventable fires just by advocating in your community.

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Jump on the front lines of restoring community and revolutionizing the way fire and life safety education gets taught. Take the Community Safety Facilitator course and learn how to fundraise for the Fully Involved Fire-ED Community Leader System.

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Make eliminating preventable fires your business by investing in your own Fire-ED Interactive Community. You bring the desire and passion and we provide the training, teaching tools and  technology to get your training business or fire dept up and running.

Fire-ED is fire & life safety education that kids aren’t learning at school or home

Fire-ED is NEW!

We looked and could not find a hands on tool for teaching kid’s fire safety all year long so we created the Fire-ED Interactive System to do just that.

Fire-ED is Unique!

You know that glazed over look kids get when subject to long boring lectures? Fire-ED is kid tested and approved so this never happens!

Fire-ED is Fun!

Fire-ED is as much fun for kids to learn as it is for adults to teach. Every child wants more and we’re always creating to keep up with the demand!

Fire-ED is Rewarding!

Kids get awarded Home Safety Ambassadors certificates after completing Fire-ED. Record keeping and stats are tracked. WIN WIN!

#FireED ~ Together In The Endeavor To Eliminate Preventable Fires

We believe the key to fostering a strong sense of community safety is to help people develop a new set of life skills through the Fire-ED Community Safety Facilitator Curriculum. We know that given the proper training we all can live more safely and play a role in helping others achieve the same positive results.



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