Fire-ED Interactive is an impact business that provides expert training, affordable teaching tools, and cutting edge technology for positively impacting kid’s lives and revolutionizing the way fire and life safety education is taught worldwide.

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The Problem

The death or serious injury to a child, from preventable causes, has a profound impact on more than the victim’s family. The repercussions affect entire communities including schoolmates, teachers; and the first responders who answered the call.

The Challenge

The fire service is challenged with delivering consistent fire and life safety messaging to as many people as possible, all through the year. There is limited access to quality teaching tools that are age appropriate and fit within allotted presentation times.

The Solution

We’ve invested the time and money to develop sound resources readily available to eliminate preventable fires and save lives. The turn-key solution, that’s advancing fire department public education profiles worldwide, is called The Fire-ED Interactive System.

Eliminate Preventable Fires In Your Community With The Fire-ED Interactive System!

We believe the key to fostering a strong sense of community safety is to help people develop a new set of life skills through the Fire-ED Community Safety Facilitator Curriculum. We know that given the proper training we all can live more safely and play a role in helping others achieve the same positive results.

Discover the potential of the Fire-ED “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool. Find out how it is a sound resource for young adults to learn a new set of life safety skills and pay it forward as “Community Safety Facilitators” who help kids learn how NOT to become victims of fire.

The Fire-ED “LMS” is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of the Community Safety Facilitator Curriculum. The Fire-ED Classroom Calendar Tool supports physical classrooms, it acts as a platform for fully online courses, and it manages blended learning. Children taking the Home Safety Ambassador Course will do the hand’s on learning at events, and then be given a test through this LMS. With this the student’s learning outcomes can be tracked and recorded and certificates of completion provided.

The Fire-ED Interactive Community is taking a stand as citizens behind a social change movement for eliminating preventable fires. We provide resources, funding, time and human capital, to meet the challenges fire services face and help them better perform public education duties.

Hear What The Experts Say About Fire-ED Teaching Tools

Fire-ED exists thanks to the efforts of so many subject matter experts, content contributors, thought leaders, presenters, and advocates; including:

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Tracy Last
Chief Inspiration Officer

For almost three decades of supplying educational materials for the fire service I had consulted regularly with many inspiring public educators and fire chiefs. I have a deeply rooted passion for public education, and that empowered me to create the Fire-ED Interactive System and Community For Eliminating Preventable Fires.

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Lindsay Benard
Senior Corporate Advisor

Having coached tens of thousands, for over 20 years, as a Dale Carnegie Instructor, I have developed a distinct fascination for encouraging behavior change in people. I’ve found a real sense of connection with the Fire-ED Community. We have the passion, desire and commitment for changing the way we as a society think about fire.

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Ales Jug, PhD
Senior Global Advisor

Having a PhD in social entrepreneurship allows me to apply my knowledge and skills alongside equally passionate social entrepreneurs. As a firefighter and rank senior officer I am aware of the challenges fire services face to educate. Fire-ED is a social impact business with sound educational resources needing to be adopted worldwide.

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Duncan Rydall
Chief Fire Prevention Officer

As a fire service we need to start taking fire and life safety education far more seriously. One in four persons will at some time experience a fire in their home and stats are not improving. Education is key! And the key to community safety at Fire-ED is its Teaching Tool for every educator’s toolkit.

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Aaron Johnson
Fire Strategist, Author

The Fire-ED Interactive Community leads the charge as an impact business engaging civilians to assist the fire service in its public education efforts. Fire-ED bridges the gap by providing the human capital to deliver cost effective educational solutions to communities that need it the most.

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Robert Avsec
Executive Fire Officer, Public Safety Advocate

When a preventable fire claims a life or seriously burns a child, it calls into question our ability as a fire service to protect the most vulnerable among us. Fire-ED carries out the mission to eliminate preventable fire related fatalities through its innovative “Fully Involved” Interactive System.

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Erik Vogel
Assistant Fire Chief

A tragic fact comes to my mind when I think of how fire and life safety education programs need to be greatly improved upon. In 2015, over 70 children attended Burn Camp in BC,  there are 5-10 new campers per year. Stats are increasing! This is unacceptable and should concern all of us.

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Rita Paine
Owner of Point The Way Fire Training and Consulting

Fire-ED produces sound training and teaching resources. The qualified team of subject matter experts appreciates the role corporate business partners play. Public private partnerships are crucial and encouraged. The collaborative effort at Fire-ED confirms all messaging is on point.

Fire-ED Interactive Homepage
Terry Penney
Senior OH&S Professional, Motivational Safety Speaker

Oh I’m just a simple safety janitor in life. I clean up messes and try to keep things running well so folks get home safely. I’ve taught worldwide, to all ages. Our common goal at Fire-ED is anyone and everyone stays safe at home regardless if they’re still in school, working or retired.

Join the Fire-ED Interactive Community For Eliminating Preventable Fires!

#FireED ~ Together In The Endeavor To Eliminate Preventable Fires

At Fire-ED we believe the key to fostering a strong sense of community safety is to help people develop a new set of life skills through the Fire-ED Community Safety Facilitator Curriculum. We know that given the proper training we all can live more safely and play a role in helping others achieve the same positive results.



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