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Making the world a safer place one preventable fire at a time

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Fire-ED makes it easy for any educator to help young people develop critical life safety skills and proper fire behaviour. Fire-ED gives kids a fighting chance to react accordingly without getting seriously hurt in an emergency.

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We want to live in a world where fire is no longer a threat to humanity. We believe this is possible by empowering young people with the skills to live more safely and the tools to help others achieve the same positive results.

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If education brings knowledge, then knowledge is key to prevention. How can we teach people to be safe where hazards exist? Start young. Make it interesting. Involve youth. That is how to share knowledge in the community. The mission of the Fire-ED Community is to bring preventative safety education to everyone. Why aren't we working more closely in endeavours like this for all to be safe at home and prevent fire-related tragedies!?

Lucia Larose

Continuing Education Advocate and Mom

Making the World a Safer Place one Preventable Fire at a Time

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